Winning and Hover Crafts

Golf’s not always on my radar, but golf topics sure have been lately.  Tiger is back and hover crafts are in the less distant future. Since Augusta is around the corner, I thought I would give a Golf themed post a shot (or maybe that should be a drive or better yet a putt).

The first topic is Tiger Woods.  Tiger has been on his game.  He has proved that “winning takes care of everything” in his latest Nike ad…well kind of.  A lot has been written about this ad, including if it is even ethical, but winning has helped Tiger regain the number 1 ranking, cover of Sports Illustrated, and his Nike sponsorships.

Also, Tiger announced his own relationship on his Facebook page before the paparazzi, or just about anyone else, could figure it out.  I think Tiger would rather be the one to break news about his relationships rather than seeing them in the tabloids.

I believe that winning has taken care of a lot for Tiger.  He is in the news again for his golfing ability… and of course some reactions to the previously mentioned ad and new relationship.

America likes a comeback story, and Tiger has a lot to come back from. He is still such a polarizing person that vague advertisements that the mention of Tiger Woods, “winning” and “everything” will be controversial.  Maybe this is what Nike wanted though?

I will be interested to see how Tiger does in Augusta.

Next golf topic: Bubba Watson.  It is fitting because he won Augusta in an exciting fashion last year.

While he is looking to defend his title, he has also been showing some style. I have always thought driving a golf cart was fun.  I can’t even imagine how great it would be to drive this around a course.

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